(More commonly known as God Power[s]) Special Abilities that can only be unlocked by worshiping a god. Varies on the god you worship. The Following is a list of all Spell/GP: 


  • Zeus - Bolt: Insta-kill any unit. (Cannot kill a Titan)

  • Poseidon - Lure: Generate a stone that attracts animals to it. Disappear after a time.

  • Hades - Sentinels: Summons four archer statues at any of your or ally Town Centers.

  • Hermes - Ceasefire: Prevents any combat for 1 minute.

  • Athena - Restorative Light: Heals any of your or ally unit in targeted area.

  • Ares - Pestilence: Causes military buildings in the target area to stop producing units for 45 seconds. Has no effect on town centers, and technologies can still be researched.

  • Apollo - Underworld Passage: Creates two tunnel portals between any locations on the map. Units entering one are instantly transported to the other.

  • Dionysus - Bronze Skin: Increases the armor of all friendly units in the area for 1:30 minutes.

  • Aphrodite - Curse: Turn certain enemy units into pigs.

  • Hera - Lightning Storm: Deals significant amounts of damage to enemy units and buildings in the target area (REMEMBER that is not same to Lighting Bolt of Zeus!).

  • Artemis - Earthquake: Shake the terrain in target area. All units and buildings (excepting Farms) are damaged.

  • Hephaestus - Plenty Vault: Creates a vault that generates 15 food, wood & gold every 5 seconds. It is controlled by whoever has the most units in the area.


  • Ra - Rain: Boosts your own farm and all fish groups gather rates for everyone. No god powers can be invoked while Rain is in effect. Only affects farms within range of a settlement.

  • Isis - Prosperity: Increases gold mining speed for 50 seconds.

  • Set - Vision: Reveals a large area to the player a portion of the map for 20 seconds.

  • Anubis - Plague of Serpents: Summon friendly Serpents and Sea Snakes, but you cannot control them.

  • Bast - Eclipse: Increases the attack and the speed of all myth units. Eclipse lasts for about 1 minute. No other god powers can be cast while it is in effect.

  • Ptah - Shifting Sands: Shift selected units to another area of the map.

  • Hathor - Locust Swarm: Creates three locust swarms. Any farms the swarms touch are instantly destroyed. Other units have damage dealt to them.

  • Sekhmet - Citadel: Converts a friendly Town Center into a Citadel, which supports 25 population.

  • Nephthys - Ancestors: Summon 13 minions for 1 minute

  • Osiris - Son of Osiris: Target a Pharaoh to summon a powerful unit that shoots LIGHTNING. Effective on Units. Cannot be Healed.

  • Horus - Tornado: Generate a 20-second tornado that wanders, destroying all units and buildings in the area.

  • Thoth - Meteor: Causes Meteors to rain down randomly over the target area. Meteor strikes do massive amounts of damage. Lasts 20 seconds.


  • Odin: Great Hunt: Causes amount of animals to multiply.

  • Thor: Dwarven Mine: Spawn a Mine. Amount increases due to Age.

  • Loki: Spy: Using this on an enemy unit allows you to see its line of sight until killed.

  • Forseti - Healing Spring: Generate a Fountain/Spring that heals friendly units. It is controlled by whoever has the most units in the area.

  • Heimdall - Undermine: Deals damage to walls, towers, town centers and fortresses.

  • Freyja - Forest Fire: Burn a Forest. The trees fall down and cannot be used for wood anymore.

  • Bragi - Flaming Weapons: Increase attack for friendly units for 1 minute.

  • Njord - Walking Woods: Transform some trees into a melee unit that attacks on sight, but you cannot control them.

  • Skadi - Frost: Freeze all enemy units in an area for 1 minute.

  • Tyre - Fimbulwinter: Summon 4 packs of Fimbulwinter wolves for 20 seconds.

  • Hel - Nidhogg: Summon a powerful dragon. Cannot be healed, but you can control him.

  • Baldyre - Ragnarok: Turn all Gatherers and Dwarves into Heroes


  • Oranos - Shockwave: Send an enemy flying with a short stunning effect (3 uses).

  • Gaia - Gaia Forest: Grow a forest in a couple of time (4 uses).

  • Kronos - Deconstruction: Undo an enemy building (3 uses).

  • Oceanus - Carnivora: Generate a carnivorous plant that eats units. It cannot move. Can be placed on water or on the ground (3 uses).

  • Prometheus - Valor: Instantly transforms a group of units into Heroes (3 uses).

  • Leto - Spider Lair: Place spider eggs that will hatch Giant Spiders that attack anyone in  the area. Eggs can be killed before they hatch. (2 uses).

  • Theia - Hesperides: Generates a giant tree that trains dryads (2 uses).

  • Hyperion - Chaos: Makes a group of units attack any other type of unit (2 uses).

  • Rhea - Traitor: Gives control of a particular unit (2 uses).

  • Hecate - Tartarian: Generate a portal that spawns creatures that attack everybody as long as it still ‘lives’ (1 use).

  • Helios - Vortex: Teleport all military units to targeted area (3 uses)

  • Atlas - Implode: Generate a 'black hole,' which sucks in nearby units and explodes, doing damage to surrounding units and buildings (1 use).