Special Units with Special Abilities. Cannot be bought. When killed, you must [re]capture the area to revive him/her. Usually good against all units. (Mainly Myth Units)

Atlantean HerosEdit

Arkantos -Edit

The original Hero in the AoM Campaign. He has the Ability to lift up the Spirits (not literally) of his fellow Fighters and the do more damage and move quicker. Handy on Titans and Myth Units. Utimately becomes 'The Ultimate Soldier', in which he is enchanted by Zeus and partols Atlantis and the other nations to keep the peace. (as seen in the Titans Campaign) 

Kastor - Edit

Son of Arkantos. Main Character in the Titans Campaign with a melee attack. (Seen on a level on the AoM Campaign while Arkantos is dreaming.) Equipped w/ 2 swords. Good against Myth Units. 

Gargarensis - Edit

Main Villain (Hero type) of the AoM Campaign. Cyclops Hero with Spear/Stabbing attack. Larger than all other Heros.

Greek HerosEdit

Ajax - Edit

Main Greek Hero with a powerful shield bash. Friends with Arkantos. Seen with Arkantos often in the Campaign. Sometimes purchasable in the campaign, in multiplayer, he's purchasable for the Greek. 

Chiron - Edit

Ranged Centaur Hero. Good against Myth Units. Friends with Arkantos. Used inthe Campaign often. 

Kamos - Edit

Main Greek (Hero) Villian that works for Gargarensis. This [Hero] Minotaur is killed by Arkantos. 

Odysseus - The Odyssey, an Age of Mythology Cinematic Adaptation - LinkEdit

Major Greek Hero that is not seen often in the AoM campaign. Ranged and good against Myth Units. 

Hercules - Edit

Powerful hero that is good against Myth Units. Purchasable. 

Jason - Edit

Melee Hero that's good against Myth Units. Purchasable. 

Egyptian HerosEdit

Amanra - Edit

Main Egyptian Hero on both Campaigns. Has leap attack. 

Norse HerosEdit

Reginleaf - Edit

Main Norse Hero. Valkyrie-like and throws spears.