Every civilization in the game has fifteen Gods each. There are three Major Gods and twelve Minor Gods. Every God have theyr highness and weakness. 

There is the list of the Gods and theyr atributes in the old mythology:


  • Zeus - the Principal God; the Thunder God
  • Poseidon - the Sea God
  • Hades - the Underground and Dead God
  • Atena - the Intelligence Goddess
  • Ares - the War God
  • Hermes - the Messnger God
  • Apollo - the Sun and (rare) Music God
  • Aphrodite - the Love Goddess
  • Dionysus - the Wine and Party God
  • Hephaestus - the Smith God
  • Artemis - the Hunt Goddes
  • Hera - the Marriage Goddes


  • Isis - the Magic and Life Goddess
  • Ra - the Sun God
  • Seth - the Malefic and Desert God
  • Anubis - the Mummification and Afterlife God
  • Bastet - the Moon and Cats Goddess
  • Sekhmet - the Warrior of the Upper Egypt Goddess
  • Nephthys - the Protector of the Dead Goddess
  • Osiris - the Afterlife and Underworld God
  • Horus - the Protector of Egypt God
  • Thoth - the Arithmetic, Speech and Inventor of Writing God

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