What is the Dock? Edit

An important building that needs to be 55% in water and 45% on land.

What is Dock's cost? Edit

Greek - 120 Wood

Egiptyan - 50 Gold

Norse - 120 Wood

Atlantean - 125 Wood

Why Dock does important? Edit

The dock is the single building that can build/train marine units.

When can I build the Dock? Edit

Archaic Age to all.

What can Dock build/train? Edit

Ships and boats: Edit

1. Fishing ship Edit

A basic ship that can make food. Edit

2. Arrow ships Edit

This category include:

A ranged warship that attacks with arrows.

Powerful against: Human Soldiers, Hammer Ships, Fishing Ships

Weak against: Siege Ships, Buildings

3. Siege Ships Edit

This category include:

1) Greeks:

2) Egitpyan:

3) Norse:

4) Atlantean:

A ranged warship that attacks with bigger arrows.

Powerful against: Arrow Ships, Buildings,

Weak against: Human Soldiers,

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