The following stores either foodwood, or gold: Town Center, Granary, Storehouse, Lumber Camp, Mining Camp, and Ox Carts. 


Food is a primary resource that trains almost all units, villager units, and used for certain upgrades. Found in farms, domesticated and wild animals, and fish. (as well as River of the Nile Upgrade.)

Wood is a primary resource that helps train most units, as well as upgrades for many things and helps with the consruction of few buildings. Found in Trees.

Gold is a primary resource that is used for almost all upgrades, helps train some units, and buildings. Found in Mines; which is the only resource that can run out uness you have a market. Markets produce gold, too.

Favor is the 'currency/substance' representing how the much the gods 'favor' you. Favor is generated in 3 ways. Greek/Atlanteans pray at the temple. Egytians build Statues/Monuments. Norse - through fighting.

Population tells you how many units you can have. all units take up population except for animals.


Markets recruit Camels, which is a unit that can be sent to Town Centers and back, that produce[s] gold. You can also sell and buy food and wood for gold, which is really handy for if you got a surplus of one currency.